Suddenly, prospects pay attention to you.

(Here’s how you did it. )


Made for a client with The Hook


This ‘hero section’ was made for a client with The Hook

“ We used The Hook for my own company. Then for a client. Now I’m a regular in the Dean Waye ecosystem.” -Melanie


Here’s the biggest problem with your marketing:

  1. You talk about you.
    1. (don’t deny it, I’ve read your website)
  2. But prospects expect you to talk about them.
  3. And they have the money.

That’s a serious disconnect.

The Hook Messaging Clinic fixes it.


The Hook literally hands you one of the rarest things in Marketing: you, in their story.


Excerpt from The Hook Workbook


Excerpt from The Hook Workbook



Here’s how The Hook Messaging Clinic works:

  1. You fill in a 19-question workbook. The questions are easy, but weird. Because most are from a prospect’s point of view. Some will seem like they have nothing to do with sales or marketing. Answer them anyway.
  2. We walk through your answers in a Zoom call. I will push back (consultant-speak) when you try to say what you want to be true, instead of what’s really true. The Hook is a bullshit-free zone.
  3. I take your answers, my ideas, and notes we made in the workbook. Then I write something that you’ll use in your marketing for YEARS.

One of the workbook questions


One of the workbook questions

“Dean explains everything, shows you your own stuff in ways you’ve never thought of before, and then he writes for you. When he’s done, you just paste what he wrote into your website, your emails, your two pager, whatever. Total game changer.” – Jess


Everything we put into in your workbook, you can use for all your future sales marketing pieces.

But included in the bundle is one (1) of these:

  • a rewritten homepage or landing page
  • a new LinkedIn Headline and About section
  • a 3-message LinkedIn Messenger outreach sequence
  • a speaker/podcast intro


(The webpage and LinkedIn page options are the most popular.)

For just $999 (until July 5th 2024).


Who buys The Hook Messaging Clinic?

  • fractionals
  • advertising agencies (but they mostly resell it to their clients)
  • fractional CMOs (for their clients)
  • consultants, coaches, and freelancers
  • people who sell “positioning and branding” as a service, since consulting and researching are easy but attention-grabbing writing isn’t.
  • big companies with a product or service that’s new or stagnant

Everything you see on this website, every client reference, every portfolio showpiece, everything — was made with The Hook.


“You only need to do The Hook once… everything else Dean or another copywriter might need in the future is right there in your workbook” – Alan


You can’t look at your own business and messaging objectively. And even if you could, you can’t write like an advertising copywriter.

The Hook puts everything together for you. It’s a single bundle.

And all you have to do is answer some questions.

There’s no easier or faster way to get yourself into your prospect’s head than The Hook.


Why people love The Hook Messaging Clinic:

“This gave me everything I needed to talk about my business. In one step.” – Sherrie


“I’m a marketer, so I KNEW I needed to talk to my audiences about them, not about me. Putting the 1-1 with Dean on my calendar meant I had a deadline to fill in the workbook. Now I’ve been using the results of my session for 3 years in my business, and that homepage works for me every day.” – Jen


“Just understanding Assertive vs Aggressive in how I talk about myself, and when to sound aspirational, changed everything about how I talk to people. I haven’t changed one word on my LinkedIn page since Dean wrote it.” – Patricia


  1. Which price is increasing, the agency/CMO price or the retail price?
    1. Both
  2. I’m buying several to use with clients etc. How long do I have to completely use them all?
    1. 12 months.
  3. If I buy more than I use can I get a refund later?
    1. Don’t buy more than you are absolutely sure you can use or sell.
    2. You can use the purchase as a credit for other work (by me)
    3. I’ll work with you to make it right.
    4. No one has ever requested a refund (in any way) for The Hook. Seriously, it’s that useful.
  4. What happens if I pivot my business and what we did for my business doesn’t apply anymore?
    1. This happens sometimes. It’s not a big deal. The bulk of who you are, what you sell, and why — it doesn’t change very much. Only the targets for that information and how to talk to them. So pivot ⮑! I’ll go ahead and add two extra half-hour consultations to rework your messaging.

Who am I?

I’m Dean. I write from a studio in North Carolina. I’m a copywriter, first and foremost.

95% of copywriters write blog posts, social media posts, and articles so people will find them on Google and LinkedIn.

Those readers are interested in a topic, or a product, and find their way into the company’s marketing.

That’s great. It has its place.

I’m the other kind of copywriter. I figure out the first thing companies should say, to draw their prospective customers in.

Then I write it.

I don’t rely on people being interested in you. I get paid to spark interest in people who either don’t know you, or don’t think you’re for them.

The Hook is how I figure out what to say.