The Hook, a messaging clinic for business

"Dean, if they book a meeting with me, they buy."

Hook more qualified prospects.

Get more people into a meeting. 

Created with The Hook

There’s one reason to buy The Hook:

prospects are giving you 3 seconds — and moving on. 

They don’t see value. They see an interruption. 


The Hook Messaging Clinic exists to figure out how to communicate the value you provide in just seconds. 

So that prospects will stick. 

Coming up with the right thing to say is absolutely critical if you want to close more deals earlier and easier. 

Creating that opening line, and the longer message to support it, is my speciality. 


With The Hook Messaging Clinic Dean produces one of the rarest things in Marketing… 

the message at the beginning of your sales process that actually draws people in. 

“Dean explains everything. When he’s done, you just paste what he wrote into your website, your emails, your two pager, whatever. Total game changer.” – Jess

Everyone forgets this. And pays for it.

The Hook works because an advertising copywriter, a salesman, and a professional services consultant all live in my head (and in my CV).

From the Hook Workbook

“ I did the Hook for my own company. Then for a client. And now I’m a regular in the Dean Waye ecosystem 😀”  -Melanie

You can’t look at your own business and messaging objectively.

And even if you could, you can’t write like an advertising copywriter. 

The Hook puts everything together for you. It’s a single bundle. 

And all you have to do is answer some questions. 

To get the homepage, brochure, LinkedIn Page or other collateral to pull people into your world.

There’s no easier or faster way to get yourself into your prospect’s head than The Hook. 

A question from the Hook workbook

How does it work?

  1. You fill in a short questionnaire. The questions are easy. Most are from a prospect’s point of view. Some will seem like they have nothing to do with sales or marketing. Answer them anyway.
  2. We walk through your answers together. I add notes, ideas and insights.
  3. Then I crystallize everything into the message that turns If into Yes. And write what your business uses in the prospect’s IF stage.

For just $999 (until July 5th 2024).

Who buys The Hook Messaging Clinic?

– fractionals and solopreneurs

– advertising agencies (but they mostly resell it to clients)

– fractional CMOs (again, for their clients)

– consultants, coaches, and freelancers

– people who sell “positioning and branding” as a service, since consulting and researching are easy but attention-grabbing writing isn’t.  

– big companies with a product or service that’s new or stagnant


(Everyone here bought The Hook)

Note: Everything you see on this website, every client reference, every portfolio showpiece, everything — was made with The Hook. 

“Nancy Fox told me about Dean. Ten minutes after meeting him I was asking for pricing. I’ve been a CMO (and fractional CMO) for decades, so I’ve known a lot of pro copywriters. Dean’s the one I refer to everyone.” – Alan

Alan bought The Hook

Why people love The Hook Messaging Clinic:

Dean slices through everything you COULD say about your business, to the thing you should tell people first. It was exactly what I needed.” – Sherrie


“There’s no way to do The Hook and NOT end up being the obvious choice in a category of one that your customers care about” – Jen


“Just understanding Assertive vs Aggressive in how I talk about my business, and when to sound aspirational, changed everything about how I talk to people.  I haven’t changed one word on my homepage since Dean wrote it.” – Patricia


The Hook is all about the reader

Warning: The Hook’s price goes up every July 5th. Last July it increased by 43%.

You know how to talk about your business. 

You know your customers’ pain points. 

You know how to show value. 

Dean and The Hook turn all that into the first thing you’ll to say, to get people into meetings.


Q: Which price is increasing, the agency/CMO price or the retail price?

A: Both


Q: Can I buy now and do it later?

A: Yes,  use it any time in the next 6 months.


Q: If I buy more units than I use can I get a refund later?

A: Don’t buy more than you are absolutely sure you can use or sell. 

    • You can use the purchase as a credit for other work (by me)
    • I’ll work with you to make it right. 
    • No one has ever requested a refund (in any way) for The Hook. Seriously, it’s that useful 
Dean Waye

Who am I?

Hello from North Carolina. I’m Dean. 

I write the first things you’d put in front of a prospect.

I get paid to spark interest in the people who don’t know you, or don’t think you’re for them.

The Hook is how I figure out what to say.

It’s helped almost 400 companies do that, from solopreneurs to billion-dollar conglomerates.

It’ll help you, too.