Welcome! Here’s what to expect.

This podcast is absolutely FREE in every way for you, but it IS structured differently than any other podcast.

When we meet to get you set up, you’re going to get a calendar link to book your recording session. Typically, we book 3 months out.

There are 2 guests in every episode, and the other fractional CMO guest chose their time slot, too. So who you end up with is random. But not secret. Send me an email, and I’ll look up your co-guest and tell you.

Also, when we meet you’ll get all the latest interview questions.

You also get a link to an optional but free introduction-writing session, where you talk about yourself for a minute or two and then I write your self-intro for you. It takes about 8 minutes, and happens while you watch. Most guests take advantage of it.

Like I said, everything is free.

A few months from now, just a few hours after we record, you and the other guest will get an email. It’ll have a Dropbox link to the unedited recording we just made, and a link for a free trial at https://opus.pro.

You and the other guest can download the recording from Dropbox, upload it to Opus, and 15 minutes later you have a dozen or so clips that are ready for your social media or website. Just cancel the trial and you’ll pay nothing.

You’re on screen during the entire recording, with your name and how to reach you. Usually your website. So even in the clips that the other guest creates, you’re always there with your name and how to get to you. You guys are helping each other out by publishing the clips. AND you can release those clips anywhere, at any time, including the day we record.

A couple months later the full edited podcast goes live on YouTube. You’ll be tagged in a LinkedIn post when that happens. And a month after that, I create a bunch of clips and put them on every social media platform.

So from a 30-minute podcast you should get 3 months of video content, between your clips, the other guest’s clips, my full episode, and my clips.

I’m looking forward to meeting you. See you soon.

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