Here’s why marketing is such an awesome and terrible profession.

Everyone wants you to be in a box.

You resist being put in a box. 

You don’t want to be 1-dimensional. (who does?)

Everyone else wants you to be 1-dimensional so they can understand you (or your Busines, or your product), using the least amount of labor.

And they have all the money.

If you don’t need to be profitable, you can be as multi-dimensional as you like. 😀 

The rest of us have to pick a box. 😏

But here’s where creative thinking comes in — there’s no limit to the number of boxes audiences can carry in their heads. So you’re allowed to create a new kind of box (category) in people’s heads, and be the only one in it.

In other words, you can’t be multi-dimensional. But you CAN be one of a kind. In fact, you should be.

Hope this helps,


PS: What if you’re fine with boxes, but you legitimately belong in 2 of them? That’s a future email.