I’m 300 times into figuring out how to make a person, company or product ‘different’.

281 wins.

Figuring out an ‘angle’ is so valuable. And since it doesn’t cost anything (unless you pay someone like me), the ROI is NUTS — sky-high.

5 lessons from 300x:

  1. The smaller you are the harder it is to stand out, and the more it matters.
  2. You don’t have to stand apart from everyone, everywhere… just the tiny universe your prospect is talking to or looking at.
  3. If you can demo HOW you do what you do (not everyone can), that’s gold. and could be as easy showing how you do something in excel, to a live audience.
  4. You can iterate and refine your difference over time. In fact, you should.
  5. It’s a useful difference if prospects remember it.

And a bonus: a good differentiator tells a story.

“I write the first thing you tell prospects.”

That took a while. It was worth it.

PS: I have live events on LinkedIn Live and YouTube happening in March and April.

If you’d enjoy being a co-host or on-camera guest reply back.

Here are the options (in your reply, tell me the # you’re interested in):

  1. A live session where I rewrite website headlines in real-time and you help me brainstorm. People will suggest URLs in the chat.
  2. A live session where we look at marketing agency websites and help them stand out. Agency homepages are NOTORIOUSLY generic (sorry, they are).
  3. A showcase where everyone gets a few minutes to show an aspect of the problem they solve for customers, or a tool they use and want to tell people about.
Get tiny stories about winning new customers.

Learn to connect with tomorrow’s customers in about 5 minutes a week.