From a reader… “What if I’ve figured out how I’m different, but the message isn’t helping?”

A little digging, and this turned out to be our old nemesis, “Unique”.

Unique sucks. Because (and I’m using ‘literally’ in its correct form…) literally everything is unique.

You could pick up a stone from the ground, hand it to me, and I could tell you seven reasons why it’s unique. Won’t matter — nobody wants to buy our crappy little unique rock.

Plus, ‘Unique” breaks our 90% rule: you have to do 90% of the audience’s work for them. Uniqueness requires them to pay attention while you explain it, and that investment rarely pays off, so with enough experience they know to tune us out.

Unique isn’t different. It’s not an angle. It’s just information. And nobody doesn’t have too much of that.