Tech companies do this. You see it in healthcare, and engineering, and manufacturing and especially in consulting.

Visit their homepage, and it’s the company telling you who they are and what they do (or what they sell).

Hey, sorry, excuse me… Hi, I’m your reader. I’m still a stranger here. Why are you making ME scroll and read to figure out if your company understands what my company is trying to do? I’m not going to try to understand you, until I feel you understand me.

If you’re in B2B, the rest of your website can be on Level 1 (Informational). But the homepage, especially the top of it, needs to be Aspirational. Level 2.

Then you’re telling the prospect that they could move from their Negative Present to a Positive Future, if they give you money (hey, I’m just being blunt here). And that only works if they feel you understand them.

Since you DO understand them, why not show them?

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