I just finished a call with the inimitable Katie Walter. Her client (she’s a fractional CMO) is creating some promo videos (aka sizzle reels), and I gave her my structure for writing them.


It’s just 7 steps.

Here’s what you want the audience to THINK during the beginning of the the 7 “acts”.


1. What is THAT? 

2. How do I know I can trust YOU & what you’re showing me

3. What’s in it for us?

4. What’s kept us from getting what we want & how will this help us get what we want?

5. How does it work?

6. Why now & what’s the risk of doing nothing?

7. What’s the next step?  


And here’s what you want them feel at the ends of the “acts” (in the same order).


1. “Wow, how are (they/me) going to resolve THAT?”

2. “This person will know. It already works for other companies.”

3. “I want the future they’re describing.”

4. “It’s not my fault that I don’t have what I want & this will help me get it.”, ”And now I REALLY want the future they’re describing.”

5. “It’s complicated, but this company has done all the thinking and work.”

6. “Now is the right time to move ahead with this company. I don’t want the problems that come with not acting.”

7. “I’m doing this next step so I can stop feeling like this / stop worrying about this”

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