One way to show people that you understand them is to show how a part of their reality is broken.

Over at Best Damn Webinar Co, they use a concept called The Gap to open every webinar they write. It grabs the audience’s attention, and keeps it through the following section, where the speaker introduces themself.

There are lots to choose from, but the 3 most gripping are:

  1. Everyone accepted X as true, but it never was
  2. X was true, but a shift occurred, and now it isn’t
  3. X is true for most people, but you’re different and special

Whatever you sell, you can probably open with one of these ‘reality breakers’ — then spend the rest of your session explaining why your company is the solution that mends reality.

It’s a powerful concept. We al want to know when reality has broken, and it also shows that the speaker understands part of our life more than we do.