What does he do?

Companies want to say a lot of things. I figure out what goes first. Reshape it to get through. Repeat. So people get curious. And engage. Old: Proposed: It’s everything you’d want a job to be — useful, valuable, creative, hard, and paid for. 😀

the question that kills attention

… is a question. Virtually all questions, as a headline, subject line, or opening line, kill reader attention. Because when you ask a question up front, you push labor onto the reader before the reader knows you’re worth it. People think questions are cheap easy engagement. They’re not. A great question is a masterpiece. There […]

I was laid off 5 times in 30 minutes

Years ago, when my manager called me on a Friday afternoon (never a good sign) I just knew I was being laid off. But this isn’t about being laid off. It’s about starting communications with the main point. Our Skype call (remember Skype?) kept dropping. So what should have been a rip-off-the-bandaid short session kept […]

People like us, for us

One way to show people that you understand them is to show how a part of their reality is broken. Over at Best Damn Webinar Co, they use a concept called The Gap to open every webinar they write. It grabs the audience’s attention, and keeps it through the following section, where the speaker introduces […]

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