Oh, like a switchboard

Note: This idea helped me a lot. I hope it helps you, too. It’s from an old, tiny book called The Art of Profitability that lists about two dozen concepts like this. It’s an easy read.

In small-business marketing, a switchboard is a business who needs to find the same customers you do, but they’re not a competitor.

So, a small business accountant might be a switchboard for a small business lawyer.

This is different from a referral.

A switchboard is someone who already spends their time and money to find and sell to ‘your’ customers.

You might want to help them do that.

Bonus tip: when your switchboard get hired, that’s a good indication that the ultimate customer has money to spend. So not only is focusing your attention on growing your set of switchboard customers/partners more efficient and less expensive for you — it’s also an easy way to qualify prospects.



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