Not disappointed in you.

My ‘pricing mentor’ explained the difference between price disappointment and price surprise. Like most small businesses, pricing is oftentimes vexing.    Here’s the advice…   “When you quote someone your price and they sound disappointed, they’re not disappointed in you.    They’re disappointed because they want it but costs more than they hoped.    If […]

make this short promo

I just finished a call with the inimitable Katie Walter. Her client (she’s a fractional CMO) is creating some promo videos (aka sizzle reels), and I gave her my structure for writing them.   It’s just 7 steps. Here’s what you want the audience to THINK during the beginning of the the 7 “acts”.   […]

What does he do?

Companies want to say a lot of things. I figure out what goes first. Reshape it to get through. Repeat. So people get curious. And engage. Old: Proposed: It’s everything you’d want a job to be — useful, valuable, creative, hard, and paid for. 😀

penning self-love

You should probably delete that line or phrase you wrote. The one you keep re-reading because it’s so clever. It’s penned self-love. Writing + reading is a joint experience. Preserving a line you should have cut, because it makes YOU feel good, is bad. There’s a 12-letter word for willful self-pleasure like that. I won’t […]

the question that kills attention

… is a question. Virtually all questions, as a headline, subject line, or opening line, kill reader attention. Because when you ask a question up front, you push labor onto the reader before the reader knows you’re worth it. People think questions are cheap easy engagement. They’re not. A great question is a masterpiece. There […]

pricing is so effing dangerous

Lowering your price seems like an easy solution. Then someone else goes lower. The problem with a race to the bottom is, you might win. Even worse, you might come in second. Then you’re not even the cheapest. All this stress, because you didn’t apply (or buy a little) marketing imagination. So you’d be valuable […]

how to fix your writing in 1 second

Oh, cut Delete your first paragraph. Think I’m kidding?  Do it. Then let me know if I was right (I was, I am). Don’t trust me? Find any blog post on LinkedIn, pretend the 2nd paragraph is the first, and see the difference.  You’re dropped right into the action.

your halo

Oh, now you shine A while back I talked about boxes, and picking one. People HATE putting forward a 1-dimensional version of themselves. Plus, a lot of small companies have a problem— they legitimately are 2 things.  That’s at least 2 dimensions! Here’s how you tackle that— instead of a niche, you need a Halo niche. That’s when you invent (or […]

Stop saying this

Here’s how to differentiate wrong. Because, like a lot of things in life, the first step to doing this right is to know what you’re doing wrong. 1. You say what others say. I mean, obviously you’re the only one telling the truth here. But everyone says they have the best quality, fastest service, or a hundred […]

what question scares you?

Your everyday stress comes from things you could control, but haven’t. Ugh. Let’s fix that: list the questions you hope no prospect will ask, and the objections you hope no prospect will say.  Then write out a first-draft answer for them. Just a crappy first draft, no pressure. Things I don’t like them asking me: 1. 2. Things I don’t like them […]

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