Agency Pricing

White label, resell, or pass through. It’s your call.

Agency & Fractional CMO / CRO Pricing Q1-2024

Hi, this price list is for agencies and Fractional CMOs. You’re free to resell these services to your client at a markup, or just pass them along as-is.

The process is simple. For each client, buy The Outside-In Workshop.  For most projects, this is all you’ll need. If you need more, top-up with extra pieces, as your client becomes ready for them  

One request — before you add a client to your relationship with Dean, book a free 15-minute scope discussion.

Okay, let’s build your project!

First, the discovery step

The Outside-In Workshop aka ‘OIW’ ($999)

This is the discovery process Dean uses to learn about your client and what they sell. It’s how he finds or invents the sales story angles, the Halo Niche, and the ideas, headlines, and other concepts that grip prospects. Over 300 companies have done this workshop with Dean. 

The OIW includes a 12-question worksheet, a 1-to-1 live session (about an hour) to review the answers with Dean, plus Dean will write (or fix) something: like a homepage, an email sequence, or a LinkedIn page. 

For many projects, this is all you need.

(Each client requires the OIW)

Project is bigger than a page? Add on.

Pages ($699 each)

Buy as needed. Includes landing pages, product pages, short video scripts, and 1-pagers for sales teams. Typically 400 words (longer writing is available, check with Dean).


There are small pieces, too.

Elements ($125 each)

Elements are short pieces, typically 75 words or less. 

Examples: marketing/sales emails; encouragement to fill in a form, book a demo or schedule a sales call; website footers and pop-ups; titles for events, and podcast or team member bios.


“Dean, I need help persuading them”

Consultations ($249.99/hr, can include your client)

Sometimes you need help getting buy-in. Because the client understands their business, but doesn’t understand how Marketing needs to talk about that business. 

Every week Dean helps fCMOs close deals and put clients into the right frame of mind.



Lead Magnets and booklets are only available by special arrangement, even if they’re under 400 words.

Content writing is not available. This includes blog posts, articles, and social media posts. Additionally, white papers, use cases, and “special reports” are not available.

And, everything Dean works on will be available for his portfolio and other marketing purposes unless agreed to beforehand. 

Prices are subject to change. Purchases are made with a credit card.

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