Hey, someone just noticed your business.

We sparked something. Now we have 3 seconds…


3 seconds. Then they wonder “Do I care about this?

Let’s make them say “yes“.

I write those 3 seconds. Then 3 more. And 3 more after that.

For companies that want to fill their funnel with lots of curious prospects.

Your message has everything prospects need — except a reason to notice it.

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Hi, I'm Dean

I’m a copywriter.

Agencies & CMOs hire me to spark something in readers.

When I’m done it’s lit fuses, chain reactions and new customer money.

(Poke around! Everything below is clickable.)

Dean will tell you he writes for listeners, not readers. But he writes for both, at the same time. What a mastery of words and how they affect people.
Eric Johnson, CMO, yorCMO
“The session starts, you answer questions, he takes notes. Then, while you watch, he’s writing original, creative copy for your business in real-time. I wrote a bestseller, but I’ve never seen anyone who could write like that. It's amazing to watch the magic happen right in front of you.”
Ben Wolf, CEO, Wolf's Edge
Dean helped me piece together and simplify my messaging. He's not only an impressive and fast editor, but a helpful and educational coach for my inaugural LinkedIn Live event. I owe its success to him.
Jaime Schwarz, CEO, BrandTherapy

Let's spark something.

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Dean Waye, PMP®, Sr. Copywriter

Winston-Salem, NC USA

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