One hour. 9 questions. Priceless insights.

The quick discovery session that kickstarts fractional engagements and impresses clients.

What triggered your prospect?
What do they be their problem on?

Help them uncover their next perfect message .

Dean walks your client through entertaining thought-provoking questions. Then creates brand-aware story angles, headlines that resonate with their prospects, and new outreach collateral. — all coordinated with you.

The process is fast, instantly useful, and impressive. A typical project takes as little as 3 days.

This a flat-fee service. Buy as needed, exclusive for fCMOs and agencies). You can whitelabel+resell it to your clients. Dean presents as a member of your team.

Why it works


This quick workshop kickstarts your branding change.

Agency Level

The copywriting and workshop facilitation are top notch

Get Paid First

Prospects pay in advance, whatever price you like


If the client doesn't think it's valuable, Dean will make it right

This has FANS...

This workshop does one thing — find an easy interesting path to get prospects into a relationship with you. Great concept, well executed.
Katie Walter, CMO
Katie Walter, fCMO
The live writing sessions with Dean were just impressive. I’d never seen anyone go from zero to polished copy so fast live and in front of the client.
Jen Hamilton, fCOO
Dean's done great work for my clients. We've recommended him whenever we could. If you're a fractional CMO, get to know him.
Michele Tresemer, fCMO

Turn a cost of doing business into profitable progress.

Grab 15 minutes with Dean to see how it works.

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