Fractional CMO or Agency?

Fractional CMOs call one copywriter, first.

Sign more clients. Then help those clients sign more clients.

This is powerful brand and story copywriting. Sold exclusively through fractional CMOs and agencies. 

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"Wolf's Edge, Chief Outsiders, SalesXceleration, Fractionals United, Fractional Connections, Catipult, and countless solos... no one writes for more fractionals (and their clients) than Dean."

Clients are never easy

They Ghost You

Most fractional CMOs have a tough time standing out.

They Hesitate

Clients want immediate progress.You can't offer that.

They Resist

Once you sign, the clients complicate the messaging.

But you can close them, and impress them.

What do they be their problem on?
What triggered your prospect?
Tells their story — in 2 seconds.

Step 1: Get a focused message they love


Start with the 75-minute Outside-In Workshop — it’s wowed 300+ CMOs, entrepreneurs, and agencies on six continents.

We look at your client’s message from an outsider’s view, and find a path to draw them into the client’s world. With questions they’ve never thought of, but every prospect has.

Plus, the OIW includes an impressive rewrite of their homepage or landing page. In 5 days.

This step is priced far below its value —to be the no-risk baby step that gets your client moving.

Agencies and CMOs use the OIW to
get client buy-in

This is one of the best values around. Clients go from talking AT prospects, to talking TO them, and Dean even provides some copywriting.
Karl Philips agency owner
Karl Phillips, Agency Owner
Dean's focus is finding an easy, interesting path to get prospects into a relationship with your client. It’s such a great concept, and expertly executed.
Katie Walter, CMO
Katie Walter, fCMO
This is so well suited to tech clients. Dean understood everything the client threw at him, and still got them to a single core message. Highly recommended.
Trisha Hendrickson, agency owner
Trisha Hendrickson, Agency Owner

Note: your clients can’t hire Dean without you (but they’ll want to)

Creating great tiny stories

Step 2: Get incredible copywriting
at fixed prices.
Then add a markup, or don’t.

Dean has written for clients with millions of customers,

I've written to millions of prospects

and many (many) thousands.

I've written for hundreds of businesses

Give clients top of funnel results
while you do discovery.



Sales Aids


[94% of projects finish before the credit card bill arrives.]

A note from Dean

If you’re a fractional CMO you’ve probably read something I wrote. No one writes for more fractional CMOs (and their clients) than I do. 

I’m also the behind-the-scenes (and sometimes on-screen) copywriter for multiple fCMO groups and organizations. I probably wrote for a fractional executive company you explored. And I host the “Fractional CMOs & The 90-Day Win” podcast on YouTube — 100 fCMO guests and counting.

It’s my job is to impress your client. And your next client. And your next.

Dean Waye headshot
Dean Waye

Be the first fractional CMO to make them say “damn, I’m glad you’re on our side”.

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