Close more clients, sooner

Go from Pick Me to Let’s Get Serious

Charge, before you pitch

Before you work up a pitch, get that prospect to pay a little for something great.

Put a paid mini-discovery and homepage rewrite at the top of your funnel.

300 clients have been through this process.

Dean walks prospects through a set of entertaining thought-provoking questions, then rewrites their homepage or About page.  It’s fast, immediately useful (name a homepage that doesn’t need a rewrite), and shows who’s serious.

This a flat-fee service. Buy as needed, exclusive for fCMOs and agencies. You can white label + resell it to your clients. Dean presents as a member of your team.

And eliminate prospects who weren’t going to hire you anyway.

Why it works

Vet 'em

This quick workshop gets serious prospects moving

Agency Level

The copywriting and workshop facilitation are top notch

Get Paid First

Prospects pay in advance, whatever price you like


If the client doesn't think it's valuable, Dean will make it right

This has FANS...

Really well suited to tech clients. Dean understood everything the client threw at him, and still got them to a single core message.
Trisha Hendrickson, agency owner
Trisha Hendrickson, Agency Owner
This is one of the best values around. You go from talking at prospects, to talking to them, and you don’t even have to do the copywriting.
Karl Philips agency owner
Karl Phillips, Agency Owner
I’ve recommended Dean to agencies and my own clients, all around the country. After 10 stints as CMO, I know how rare a copywriter like him is.
Alan Gonsenhauser, CMO

Turn a cost of doing business into new revenue.

Grab 15 minutes with Dean to see how it works.

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