Who grabs a prospect's attention?

For agencies and CMOs on 6 continents, it’s me.

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Put your client into people's imaginations

and many (many) thousands.

I've written for hundreds of businesses
What do they be their problem on?
What triggered your prospect?

It starts from the outside-in

My 12-question workshop has created great hooks for 300+ CMOs, entrepreneurs, and agencies on six continents.

Together we’ll jump into your prospect’s imagination.

No credit card required.

(Agencies and CMOs love it)

This is one of the best values around. Clients go from talking AT prospects, to talking TO them, and Dean even provides some copywriting.
Karl Philips agency owner
Karl Phillips, Agency Owner
Dean's focus is finding an easy, interesting path to get prospects into a relationship with your client. It’s such a great concept, and expertly executed.
Katie Walter, CMO Modelmatch.com
Katie Walter, fCMO
This is so well suited to tech clients. Dean understood everything the client threw at him, and still got them to a single core message. Highly recommended.
Trisha Hendrickson, agency owner
Trisha Hendrickson, Agency Owner

Prospects will think your client is their future

Headlines & Ads

Webpages & Email

Scripts and Angles

A note from Dean

Every Buyer’s Journey has entry points. The headlines, homepages, emails and more that feed your funnel.

At an entry point, you want the attention no one meant to give you. That needs a disinct type of copywriting.

I write entry points every day for my own clients. And for agencies and CMOs around the world.

Let’s make your prospects want to know you.

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Dean Waye

Make your first message too gripping to skip.

And get the attention you deserve.

No credit card required.

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